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Optimum protection in any threat situation 

Plate carriers from Mehler Vario System GmbH provide you with optimum protection in any threat situation. Thanks to patented fasteners, the majority of our plate carriers can be put on and taken off very quickly. The optimised design and ergonomic shape allows high mobility and maximum comfort, depending on the particular application situation. The attachment of different equipment bags is possible at any time thanks to a MOLLE system. Equipped with large protective surfaces, they guarantee maximum protection against rifles, even in terror and amok situations.

Our most attractive products, created by the close cooperation with our customers and further developed by our own field-trial team, are given the title MVS Best-Of. These are designed to ensure total functionality and durable load combined with an comfortable fit. We are delighted to offer you a selection of our MVS Best-Of plate carriers.

Plate Carriers


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