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Individual - Experienced - Professional

For us, our slogan "The Professional Choice" is not only a promise to our customers, but also our long-standing credo. As a leading industry player, we set standards in terms of quality, safety and design. In addition to all professionalism, we distinguish ourselves with genuine personality.

Guided by our slogan "The Professional Choice" and our corporate values, we focus on the individual requirements and specifications of our customers to ensure long-lasting protection and to offer competent service.

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As one of the leading companies in the sector, Mehler sets standards in quality and design. Lasting product safety is one of the key goals of our development, production and quality management.

All processes are certified according to ISO 9001. The manufacturing stages and raw materials used can be individually traced for each protective product.



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There are no comprises when it comes to the safety specifications of our customers.

Only when all quality specifications are met, a product can advance to the next stage of production. The product only reaches the customer when it complies with all safety requirements. This includes, among other things, the stringent official testing standards in place for protective features and audits during and after the warranty period.


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A comprehensive quality assurance concept accompanies our products throughout all process stages.

The in-house test facilities for ballistic and stab protection enable the rapid implementation of protection requirements in optimised products as well as the continuous monitoring of the required guideline values. The close contact with users and raw material producing industry also provides permanent impulses for product improvement.


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From the incoming inspection of raw materials to ballistic and stab tests, a fully integrated production process takes place in our own production facilities.

Being it high-performance ceramics, fibre composites or adhesive matrix, only the fine tuning of all individual components and processing parameters form an efficient protection system. This results in consistent monitoring of quality characteristics, short throughput times and cost-optimised production.



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To meet the individual requirements of our customers is an essential goal of our development activities. Close cooperation with users, coupled with Mehler material and process innovations, supports the variety of shapes and sizes of the products.

The individually tailored  vests ensure the desired fit and excellent wearing comfort. We have more than 500 different certified protective covers and carriers for the protection classes VPAM, NIJ and CAST.


Mehler Vario System Service



Our range of services is diverse and includes intensive product consultation, a respected development partnership and efficient order processing, up to the individual customisation of our protective vests to each individual police officer.

Based on years of experience and solid product knowledge, we see our consulting services as the communication of knowledge and support for our customers.