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Modular Universal Scalable Technology


After two years of intensive alternation between development and testing, MVS-Group is proud to introduce its new system called M.U.S.T.

M.U.S.T. stands for modular, universal and scalable technology. This protection and carrying system can be massively upgraded and downgraded within a few seconds, both in terms of  protection area and protection level, by intelligently selected interfaces between the individual components.

From a minimalistic lightweight plate carrier to an almost complete all-round protection, everything can be realised. But you are not limited to these two extremes. All components can be individually combined with each other to form a universal system that is second to none.

M.U.S.T. is a joint project of Mehler Vario System GmbH as parent company and its two subsidiaries, Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH and UF PRO. Together with Mehler Law Enforcement GmbH and Mehler Engineered Defence GmbH, we form a strong global group of companies that offers integrated solutions for professional users and specialists in the following areas: protection and carrying systems, safety equipment, platform and vehicle protection, tactical equipment and clothing.

For more information about M.U.S.T. please visit our website: www.must-gear.com