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Mehler FlexGuard - Woman's Soft Ballistic Panel specifically designed to fit female bodies

FULDA, GERMANY (29 November 2022) – Today we are announcing the launch of our newest product: the Mehler FlexGuard Woman's Soft Ballistic Panel.

Constructed to fit the female body, the Mehler FlexGuard Woman's Soft Ballistic Panel is a step-change for female operators in the line of duty.

Mehler FlexGuard is among the lightest such products currently on the market. The version rated VPAM 3 (weight without “point-blank” shot) weighs approximately 3.1 kg/per sqm, while the version rated SK1 (weight including “point-blank” shot) weighs approximately 3.6 kg/per sqm.

Said Thomas Homberg, CEO of Mehler Vario System Group, " The perfect fit of their protection system is an essential criterion for operators, who must focus on their demanding missions without being distracted. Mehler FlexGuard provides an outstanding ballistic lightweight protection combined with an unmatched comfort for the female operator. FlexGuard is different from other available conventional ballistic panels for women. It is based on a new production process, enabling us to offer anatomically moulded panels for a seamless and streamlined fit.

Due to innovative ballistic materials and novel processing, the soft ballistic panel withstand the threats of up to VPAM 3 or SK1. Other protection classes are available upon request.

Additionally, the panel can be combined with most other Mehler Vario System vest models. It can also be upgraded with a shaped shock absorber to reduce the depth of trauma.

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After two years of intensive alternation between development and testing, MVS-Group is proud to introduce its new system called M.U.S.T.

M.U.S.T. stands for modular, universal and scalable technology.