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Mehler Vario System Group to jointly exhibit at Enforce Tac 2023

Mehler Vario System Group to jointly exhibit at Enforce Tac 2023 

This year Mehler Vario System Group will exhibit once again at Enforce Tac show, a preeminent international trade show for professionals in the armed forces and in government agencies with security responsibilities, to be held beginning 28 February and continuing through 1 March in Nuremberg, Germany. 

The event marks the first time that the Mehler Vario System Group—Mehler Vario System GmbH, UF PRO, Lindnerhof-Taktik, Mehler Engineered Defence, and Mehler Law Enforcement—will exhibit as a team at a shared booth: Stand 9-339 in Hall 9 of the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. 

During the exhibition we will present the entire portfolio of the group, including the newest developments and innovations in ballistic protection systems, security and tactical equipment, as well as tactical garment systems.  

We will introduce several new Mehler Vario System personal protection and ballistic protection products. Expected to be included are lightweight helmets, covert and overt vests, as well as plate carriers.  

Among the most notable of the new products will be Mehler FlexGuard, a women’s lightweight soft ballistic panel designed expressly to fit the contours of the female body.  

We will also showcase the versatile M.U.S.T. modular protection and carrying system, which we developed with Lindnerhof. Included will be live demonstrations of M.U.S.T.’s many possible configuration options. 

Meanwhile, Mehler Engineered Defence will present a variety of high-performance ballistic solutions for land, sea, and air applications. These include weapon station, ballistic vehicle protection, and personal protection shields (in particular, small portable shields for use in confined spaces, such as those that exist aboard aircraft, cruise ships, and inland waterway vessels).  

Mehler Law Enforcement—a specialist in high-quality security equipment for police and military—will display ballistic protective equipment that includes anti-riot gear and combat gloves (all of which the company developed in cooperation with accredited test laboratories and based on detailed customer feedback). 

Lindnerhof will make available for viewing a collection of its classic gear products alongside those made from the company’s recently introduced advanced-technology multiaxial laminate material, which has already generated considerable interest due to its remarkably light weight.  

In addition to the breakthrough MX- and PALS-related offerings, Lindnerhof is also looking to spark excitement with next-generation versions of its fully modular MX042 and LT025 plate carriers plus sophisticated new pouches for magazines, electronics, and more. Additionally, Lindnerhof will showcase an array of innovations that emerged in recent months from collaborations with its longtime distribution partners for top-quality brands including Eberlestock, Mystery Ranch, Salomon, Edelrid and other familiar tactical industry names.    

UF PRO plans to present at Enforce Tac the full line of revamped Delta Cold Weather Gear which was released earlier in staggered sequence for the current season. Delta Cold Weather Gear provide a level of comfort and protection that until now has been completely absent from the market as well as unique combination of innovative design, intelligent features, new materials, and exceptional craftsmanship. 

In addition to the Delta Cold Weather line, UF PRO also intends to give attendees a look at a collection of innovative field wear that will include the latest iteration of the brand’s popular Striker XT Gen.3 BDU. 

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Constructed to fit the female body, the Mehler FlexGuard Woman's Soft Ballistic Panel is a step-change for female operators in the line of duty. Mehler FlexGuard is among the lightest such products currently on the market and provides an outstanding ballistic protection combined with an unmatched comfort.